Virginia Ghost Girl ~ My Story 

Hello My name is Marie , I am The Virginia Ghost Girl. I've hunted since roughly 2005. I have been interested in ther Paranormal since I was nine years old . I had a bad dream one night and was crying franticly. I dried my eyes and looked toward the foot of my bed and saw the most beautiful light I'd ever seen  it had a rainbow prism glow about it . I felt a sence of calmness come over me and the figure disappeared.                                                                                                                                                
 I had seen things alot as a child and being brought up in the church and to beat it all being the daughter of a preacher ghosts were just something that you never spoke of.  From that point on          I kept what I heard and saw to myself, that would be all I need for someone to think I was crazy.     As I grew up I saw and heard more that just moans and flashes of things walking by me. By that time I was always in a cemetery it was a safe place for me as well as the darkness it was calm ,

I lost my grandmother back in 1990, that opened up a whole new door for me . She and I were very close I remember laying in bed and waking up 5 min. before the phone rang screaming "granny died"  then the phone rang and it was a reality , she had passed on. I had a hard time getting over that.                                                                                                                                        

I then took on the roll as a wife and mother I kinda let my curiosity for the unknown go to the back of my mind but never far from my thoughts. When I was hurt or upset and things were just not going right I would hear my grandmothers voice or smell her perfume . I went into nursing  and let me tell you that is when my eyes were really opened . You see so many things as a nurse I remember the first death I had ever seen. Honestly it was beautiful I was taking care of a patient and she was taking her last breath and I saw like a white blanket envelope her I was in tears. I was in awe , and the lead nurse came inand smiled she asked me if I saw it and told me not many do . I will never forget that as long as I live. As time went on in my nursing I saw shadows and got used to that part of my life again Being in a nursing home they were always around. I saw the angel of death many times when my patients got to the point of death right before a patient would die I would get a feeling and would just watch them and the room as I worked. I always tried to be with them as they went some had no family and I didn't want them to be alone. I started talking about it more openly after that . It's a part of me and I now embrace it fully .Reading people is something Ive been practicing it is becoming a little bit easier for me the eyes give go much depth and will allow you to read very well.                                                     

 There are so many things that are out their I believe that spirits roam the earth , and are waiting to tell their story to whomever will try to understand them , I do not fear what I cannot see nor will I ever ignore whats out there. I am a hunter to tell a story of a life that once was . My journey in this relm is simple . I want to be a voice for someone who can no longer communicate as if they were living . I want to tell their story so others will know that they were here . Wherever this path leads me I will go.....